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5 Ways to Lighten the Toxic Load in Your Home

Submitted by on October 4, 2012 – 1:58 pm13 Comments

toxin free home

5 Ways to Lighten the Toxic Load in Your Environment


Pretty much everyone wants to be healthy. So many people make efforts to stay healthy and changes in their diet, exercise regime, weight loss or gain that often our home environment gets overlooked as a potential source of environmental toxins.  When you choose to take steps to decrease your body’s toxic load immune system resilience improves, organ performance improves, stress on the body decreases and overall health can improve.

Below I have 5 changes you can make in your home to lighten the toxic load present in our home environment.

Go Easy on Chemical Warfare in Your Home

Switch to more environmentally friendly household cleaners most household chemicals give off toxic fumes and do more harm than good when it comes to environmental toxins.  Make the switch over to earth-friendly cleaning products or mix your own. Pintrest and the web are full of recipes for household cleaners that you can make easily on your own.  Try replacing bleach with vinegar or a vinegar solution. Some bathroom tile “scrubbing foams” are made with baking soda and use hydrogen peroxide to remove stains. Vegetable-based liquid soaps for dishes and cleaning are also better options.

Try Fresh air instead of ‘Freshened’ Air

My mother was a real estate broker for many years and one thing she would do was make sure the smell in the house was a clean citrus or yummy vanilla. That trick helped close many house sales for her through the years. The air fresheners we have today come in a zillion different flavors and come delivered in a cloud of chemicals that can easily be replaced with more natural alternatives. For a fresh citrus smell take some orange peels and simmer in hot water. The same can be done with a Vanilla bean. Check out some of the more natural alternatives for a good smelling home found on Pintrest.

Set your toes Free and go Barefoot!

This is one of those details that is often unnoticed unless you live in a shoe free house. Growing up in a shoe free house just made being barefoot in the house comfortable. Until I was older,  I never thought of it as keeping the house free of environmental toxins but it makes sense. Wearing shoes in the house tracks in the outside world we try so hard to keep out of our bodies (pesticides, dirt, pollution and yes, bits of poo!) right into your house on the bottoms of shoes.

Go Natural for Flooring

As soft and comfy as it may seem on the toes, wall to wall carpeting is one of the most toxic sources in a home for ‘out-gasing’ of chemicals and can increase the toxic load in your body. Hardwood, Bamboo and tile flooring is always a better way to go to improve the internal air quality for a home. If that soft feeling is a must have for your toes then look for more natural options in carpeting including eco-friendly or natural fibers and insist on your installers using eco-friendly adhesives when installing carpeting.

Green Plants for more Oxygen in Your Home

Green plants will always bring in more oxygen into your home. Even for those of us who tend to kill rather than nurture our green leafed friends one potted plant can clean up to 100 square feet of air. To find out which plants do the best job check out this article.