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Floressesnce Tea – 8 Herb Spotlight

Submitted by on August 9, 2012 – 12:23 pm4 Comments

Herbal Spotlight – What Makes the 8 Herb Formula in Floressence Tea Special

We speak with numerous customers and interested people who have either never tried FlorEssence Tea or who are thinking about trying it and we often hear different questions about FlorEssence Tea, the ingredients and process of making FlorEssence Tea.
We are sharing a little more about each of the eight herbs in FlorEssence Tea to give a better idea of why FlorEssence is such a great product.

Blessed Thistle

Blessed Thistle has been used for many years as a cleansing herb and to tonify the body. It is also referred to as ‘bitters’ and is known and used around the world (England, Germany, Russia, China, India and Africa) as a liver cleanser and an effective remedy for a variety of digestive disorders.
For those of us in the states where we were not raised with herbal or natural remedies as a basis for treating health issues, Blessed Thistle is one herb which is often used around the world as a primary option prior to prescription drugs. Both British and German Pharmacopoeias recognize that ‘bitters’, including blessed thistle, stimulate bile flow and cleanse the liver.

In Europe, blessed thistle, as a “bitter vegetable drug” is considered to be a medicinal agent used to stimulate appetite, aid digestion and promote health. Studies confirm that bitters increase gastric juice and bile acid secretions by increasing the flow of saliva through stimulation of specific receptors on the mucous membrane lining of the mouth.

More details about Blessed thistle can be found in Flora Health’s Herbal Encyclopedia.

Burdock Root

I have made Burdock root Tea myself for years off and on using it for everything from a cold to general detoxing. Burdock Root is an amazing cleansing herb and has been used around the world for hundreds of years as a medicinal herb. Burdock Root is also one of the main ingredients in FlorEssence Tea.

Burdock Root in Japan is used in many dishes in Japan as a food and is known as ‘Gobo’ or “Poor Man’s Potatoes”.

The tea is considered to be a powerful anti-inflammatory and reduces liver damage from harmful chemicals. Burdock Root is known to have anti-oxidants properties more powerful than Vitamin C and is known as a digestive aid, a liver cleanser and can protect the body against abnormal growths.
Read on for more details on Burdock Root. It is obvious why it is a main ingredient in FlorEssence Tea.


Known mostly for being an aid to treating hypothyroidism and protecting against iodine deficiencies kelp is also full of vitamins, trace minerals and has been used for centuries as food (wrapping my favorite Sushi!) and for medicinal purposes.

A lesser known quality about Kelp is the antiviral activity Kelp has against the influenza virus. This is due to a very active inhibitor of viral and bacterial neuraminidase. Read on for more information on Kelp as another ingredient in FlorEssence Tea.

Red Clover

Red Clover is actually a legume and not at all a clover. Red Clover has often been taken as a tea to treat a variety of health issues including acne, allergies, eczema, headaches, joint pain, Gastrointestinal disorders and a variety of other issues. Red Clover is rich in phytoestrogens which can help reduce cellular damage and the effects of aging.

Red clover is also rich in isoflavonoid phytoestrogens including: genistein, daidzein, formononetin and biochanin-A, compounds that are now recognized for supporting critical hormone levels within the body in both men and women, without having negative side effects. Read on about the traditional usages for Red Clover.

Sheep Sorrell

Even though Sheep Sorrell is not a legume, sheep sorrel contains significant levels of phytoestrogens with notable estrogen receptor binding activity, similar to the isoflavone phytoestrogens common to red clover, soy and liqorice.

Sheep Sorrell has been used by numerous native American tribes as an anti-inflammatory and to treat scurvy as well as other ailments. Sheep sorrel was considered the most active herb in Essiac tea for stimulating cellular regeneration, detoxification and cleansing, based on reports by Rene Caisse and her doctor colleague who did studies with mice bearing abnormal growths on the original eight herb formula.

Large doses of Sheep Sorrell tea can have gastric disturbances and have a laxative effect but when used in small amounts can have a tonifying effect for the kidneys and urinary tract.
Read on for more information about the minerals readily available in Sheep Sorrell.

Slippery Elm

Slippery elm tree and root bark were also used as folk remedies by Native Americans for treating many serious degenerative diseases. The bark is particularly recommended for soothing gastric diseases. Slippery elm bark was also traditionally used for treating abscesses, dysentery, urinary conditions and fever. Poultices were traditionally used to support bone and joint health, reduce swollen glands and stop the spread of infections.

Turkish Rhubarb

The root of Turkish Rhubarb is a tannin rich, bitter tea that has been usedto treat digestion issues and loss of appetite. Today it is often used as a choleretic to increase the flow of bile into the intestine as a treatment for constipation.

This tannin rich root is a detoxifying herb with anti-inflammatory properties. Read more about Turkish Rhubarb.


Aside from being a favorite of mine in salads and as a soup garnish, Watercress is an excellent blood purifier and overall detoxifying herb.

A few interesting facts about Watercress including that Watercress is a relative of Broccoli, Cauliflower and Brussel Sprouts. They are all members of the Brassicaceae family of plants. In China, Watercress is known for treating gingivitis. Another interesting fact is when smokers consumed a diet rich in Watercress the level of toxic compounds were reduced. Watercress often grows wild in fresh water streams throughout the midwestern and southern part of the United States and around the world.


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